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    Karla c (Queens, New York.)

    "a fantastic place with a team of truly dedicated lock professionals that know everything there is to know about locks. Thank you so Much for a job well done."

    Mike Lerner 12/10/2012 (Queens NYC.)

    "got locked out of my car, they got to me with in 10 minutes,
    All in all, it cost $100 after the discount. Cost effective, quick service, friendly employees- what more could you want?? I'd definitely use them again!"

    Lora Levin 12/10/2012 (New York, NY.)

    "Great Locksmith Company. They were friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating with our schedules, and reasonably priced! Would definitely recommend them!"

    Melvin Corned 12/03/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "They are so on top of it, it's amazing! Professional, friendly, and very reasonably priced. Thx again Top Lock Great Customer Service!"

    Margret Sullivan 11/27/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "You can't get anything better than this company, and for how safe I feel now it was worth four times what I paid. The work was completed in about a half an hour and completed to expectations. will use again, Thank you!"

    Sean Chandler 11/15/2012 (New York, NY.)

    "These guys specialize in exceptional customer service. They met me downstairs in 15 minutes and into my unit in 2 minutes. Great service and super fast. So easy, efficient and prompt. I wish all businesses were like this!"

    Elle Colman 11/05/2012

    "Very fast and excellent service! Now I have top Lock number stored in my phone, just in case! I would highly recommend their services. all the Best Happy holiday."

    Millen D 10/17/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "complete the installation fast and successfully. I would definitely use these guys again for any locksmith needs in the future."

    Jacob Berman 10/03/2012 (New York, NYs.)

    "reached our place in about 20 minutes! He somehow unlocked our ancient deadbolt and even dealt well with our puppy. Excellent service!"

    Tami Feldman 09/26/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "incredibly nice, taught me about the inner workings of locks and shared a bunch of great stories about lock picking. courteous and personable., Thank you."

    Elizabeth Milson 09/07/2012 (New York, NY)

    "Excellent customer service, very professional and helpful. well-organized, honest, direct, courteous, and with very reasonable fees and prices."

    linnet lisped 08/21/2012

    "Locked myself, wife and out of our condo. was here in 15min as promised and was very professional and friendly. Service doesn't get any better than this."

    Veronica D 08/11/2012 (New York, NY)

    "They were here quickly and did the job in less than 5 minutes. They were the cheapest quote I could get I would not hesitate to use them again, and I would refer them to anyone."

    Danni Recant D 08/05/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "Very high marks for these guys: Fast response. Very professional. Great rate. Great service! I would definitely use them again."

    Rena Colden 08/01/2012 (Queens New York.)

    "fast friendly and knowledgeable! really reasonably priced. I'm a super happy customer and if I need to change my locks or if I end up in this situation again I'm absolutely calling them."