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Commercial Locksmith


Commercial LocksmithThe security of your business need not keep you awake at night with worry. Leave it to us to outfit your business with state-of-the-art locks and protection systems designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Locksmith Services

Top Top Lock sells and installs all types of Deadbolts, Doorknob & Lever Sets, Mortise Locks, Cylinders, Handle sets, and Hardware & Accessories for your business or commercial property. Call us today for repairs or upgrades.

Security Systems

Protect your business night and day with an easy-to-use security alarm system or security camera.

Control Panel - Our state-of-the-art panel is the brains of the alarm system. All detection devices are wired to the panel or connected using wireless technology. In the even of an emergency, Central Station is notified. An agent will call your business and verify your identify your identity with a pre-assigned password. If identity cannot be verified, agent notifies police to investigate.

Detection Devices - Our professionals will help you choose door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, or even high/low temperature sensors

Monitoring Services - 24 professional Central Station Monitoring puts you in constant touch with Police and Fire emergency services night and day, when you are awake or asleep, while you are at home or away. Your business can be monitored for break-in, fire, smoke, even sudden changes in temperature.

Access Control Systems

In some business facilities, it may not be practical or cost-effective to change locks and keys every time an employee is transferred or leaves the company. Instead, consider an easy-to use Access Control System. Devices allow you to program exactly which employees are granted access using keypad entry or even from your desktop computer. Systems may be linked to networks or controlled through secure online access. Integrated system captures and creates a record each time an employee enters or exits the building. Management reports can be used to document productivity or verify work schedules

Apartment Intercom Systems

We can install anything from a simple two-way intercom for a receptionist to a full apartment building with each individual tenant linked to voice communication or even video communication with the visitor's entrance. System allows each tenant to allow entry remotely for their guests.

Security Surveillance Cameras

The profits from your business may be disappearing out your door without your knowledge. Deter theft by employees or the general public by installing an easy-to-use camera system. Employees work better when they know someone is watching. Dishonest people are less likely to steal when they know they are being watched. Savings to your bottom line can pay for the cost of a camera fast. Ask about recording systems and multiplexers for monitors too.